Coaching to realise who you are

Who are you?

If you have been asking this question for a while then maybe now is the time to explore this further.

I can help you realise who you are.

This is in two parts.

You can come to awareness of who (or what) you are – realisation.
You can make real the life you want and the person you want to be – realise.

My coaching is different to anything you might imagine coaching to be.

We will explore who you think you are vs who you want to become and look to help you reconnect with that most beautiful part of you that is deep inside… this journey is for you to realise (both come to awareness and then make real) who you really are… the results can be astounding!

You can realise…

  • Your self-worth is there, deep within, it has been hidden for a long time – reclaim it!
  • You are able to make choices that create the life and version of you that you want!
  • You can carve your own path, free from the prison you have created about what others may think about you!
  • You can drop old habits and routines that are no longer serving you!
  • Your new life is there for you to create!
  • You have kept yourself stuck but now you have the understanding to grow!

Coaching is one-to-one ~ £60 per session.

I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions across 6 weeks to be effective.
Payment plans are available (eg monthly).

What does coaching look like?

  • 1-1 coaching sessions on zoom
  • Email support outside of sessions
  • Goal setting and accountability

Contact me to for more information and to sign up!