‘My sessions with Paul have been genuinely, life affirmingly transformative. Getting to know myself better and why it is I comfort eat has been like unlocking a part of myself I didn’t understand before. Deciding to have 1-1 coaching with Paul was the best decision I made last year!’

A – United Kingdom

I found Paul on TikTok and I thought his videos were really interesting. I have known for a while that the answer had to be more psychological than just ”eat less and exercise more”. We all know that. But why do I make bad decisions? With Paul’s expert help I now know why I overeat, what my triggers are and how to take back control.

I’ve stopped snacking and binging. I’m losing weight. But I am also not calorie counting or missing out on any foods. I’m just making sensible decisions about my eating and not letting my emotions decide for me.

I’d really recommend you try Paul if you know what you should do to lose weight but don’t know why you don’t do it. He is excellent.

Simon – United Kingdom

‘This podcast is great and really makes me think. Paul is knowledgeable and experienced on the subject of diet culture and using food as a tool for life. It includes some great tips to try whilst being easy to listen to most of the episodes are in short 15-20 minutes so not over why with too much information at once.’

Rachel – United Kingdom

Best decision I ever made was to listen to this fantastic podcast – it is informative, entertaining and life changing. Paul’s honesty about his own journey is inspirational and the podcasts empower you to make real changes in how you view yourself and your food choices and help you to stop turning to food as an emotional sticking plaster. And all relayed to you in such a gentle way you might not even realise that you are learning and changing while you listen.

Anon – United Kingdom

‘Paul has been instrumental in helping me discover and diffuse repetative negative thought patterns and self-talk that has plagued me for years (ok, decades).

He is thoughtful, engaging, creative, and incredibly insightful.

Paul is a master at breaking down barriers (real or perceived) and tailoring his approach to his client’s needs. With Paul’s expert help, I feel more empowered, more disciplined, and more alive than I’ve felt in a very long time.

Jen – United States of America

‘I highly recommend!! I keep thinking of my future self and thinking about my food choices. Being more mindful about my use of language. Absolutely love the podcast.


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