I can help you!

I’ve been on the same journey you have…

My own weight fluctuated for years.

I tried all the diets going and found limited success.

I then attended a slimming club and had more success. My commitment was on and off; sometimes I felt like doing it and sometimes I went off the rails with it.

The weight came off and always crept back on.

I was really hard on myself…

“Why can’t you just lose weight and keep it off?”

“You should be able to do this, Paul!”

“What is wrong with your willpower?”

I then discovered this…

I hadn’t ever attempted to look inwards, to my relationship with myself and food. Without this internal mindset change, I was doomed to fail every time by repeating the same actions (slimming clubs & diets) and (foolishly) expecting different results!

I realised my emotions were a big part of my weight; I often ate because I didn’t want to experience difficult emotions… stress, anxiety, boredom, rage etc.

Once I figured out how central my emotions and internal concept of self was to all of this and paid attention to whether I was hungry from an emotional or physical need my weight started to fall, naturally.

I couldn’t keep this to myself…

This new approach has been fantastic and I just can’t keep it to myself – it’s like I found the secret to life and I want to help as many people I can find it too! I feel so free of the constant struggle with weight and that head voice who thought about food all day long is GONE!

I then decided to study Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Life Coaching, Health & Nutrition so that I could help. I use this understanding of the mind to support you in a journey of internal change to bring about a new you!

Each and every day I support people, just like you, who are wanting freedom from thinking about food all day, eating for emotional reasons, trying all the diets going and who want a better relationship with themselves, to love themselves and live a joyous life!

You too can find freedom from the diet cycle when you explore your relationship with yourself and food!

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