March 2022 – Group Coaching Registration!

Register now for a spot! There are limited spaces because small groups work best!

Class starts Tuesday 1 March 2022 6pm-7:30pm (90 mins) and runs weekly at this day & time for 12 weeks.

Online via zoom.

Are you?

  • Someone who has been struggling for years on and off diets?
  • Frustrated that you can’t seem to manage your weight?
  • Reaching for food when stressed, bored, upset or even happy?
  • Desperate to understand why you overeat?
  • Searching for a new version of you but don’t know where to start?
  • Giving too much to others and not currently looking after yourself?
  • Driven by your emotions and feel at their mercy sometimes?

I understand because that was me before I broke free from all of these negative patterns. You can too and I can help you get there!

I am proof that you can break free from the diet cycle because I no longer eat for emotional reasons. My weight has fallen off without calorie counting and I still enjoy food like Pizza etc.

Not only that, my entire outlook on life has changed because I explored a cognitive model to understand my thoughts and feelings – this has cultivated a fantastic new relationship with myself – boy I wish I had done this work sooner!

This is different to anything you have tried before. This is a change of mindset. Success with managing your weight starts with mindset and can only be effective with behavioural change – something that most slimming clubs fail to address – and I know I attended one for years!

This is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Explore a cognitive model for understanding your emotional world – a tool that can change your life!
  • Feel your feelings to overcome emotional overeating (boredom, stress, upset etc…)
  • Understand your desires to overcome urges and hunger
  • Relate to food in a new way, with no food being ‘off limits’
  • Accept yourself and your intrinsic worth
  • Uncover limiting beliefs and step into a new way of thinking
  • Give yourself permission to create opportunities to put yourself first
  • Understand how to better relate to yourself, other people and the wider world around you
  • Have a coach support you on a new journey of self-discovery and change

How is the course structured?

The 12 week course is split into the following three modules:

Module 1: A new relationship with yourself

I will help you build a solid sense of awareness, including self-worth and acceptance, which includes your self-image and the way in which you talk to yourself. We will also explore a cognitive model for understanding your emotions, which puts you in control of your world, rather than feeling at the mercy of your emotions. You will learn how to sit with emotions and also choose empowering emotoins that serve you better than current unhelpful emotions – this can drive powerful change!

Module 2: A new mindset – challenging old habits and cultivating powerful new beliefs.

I will help you identify any old limiting beliefs/stories that are holding you back. Most of the time we struggle with change because of the stories we tell ourselves. I will show you it is possible to cultivate new beliefs, even the ones you have held on to for all your life, until now!

Module 3: A new relationship with food

Practical tools such as mindful eating, using hunger scales, making peace with food and removing labels around food. Also how to handle automatic urges and cravings along with planning your food in advance to unleash the power of choice!

What’s included?

  • 60 minute 1-1 initial coaching session – this is where we will explore where you currently are to prepare you for the journey ahead.
  • Weekly group coaching sessions (90mins) – in these sessions we explore the concept for that week and then have group coaching around it. This is powerful. You will be in a small, safe group with people who struggle just like you. When you watch each other being coached you can see yourself in them (which is sometimes easier than looking inward to yourself).
  • Worksheets and homework tasks – to accompany the concepts and help you throughout the week, between sessions.
  • 121 message support (Mon-Fri 9-5) – you have me directly available if you need to chat privately.
  • Lifetime membership to a Private Facebook group – a safe space to connect with like-minded people who made the commitment to change.

What is the investment?

The course is £999 can be paid in full or 3 x monthly payments of £333.

Ask yourself this: Am I willing to invest in myself?

Your place is secured on receipt of payment.

I’m so excited to support you!

Sign up by filling out the form below. If you have more questions that’s ok and quite normal! Fill in the form and select the option “I’m not sure – can we have a chat?” (it’s under the heading “Are you all in?”)