Freedom from the diet cycle Facebook Group

Totally free & Totally Private!

I want this space to become something great. I want you to help create a safe and loving community where we openly explore the tools I have that can help everyone find freedom from the diet cycle.

The group is for you if…
✔️You’re frustrated with a life-long pattern of starting and then stopping diets
✔️You want to know why you feel the need to reach for food so much. Especially if it’s related to emotions (stress, anger, boredom)
✔️You want to no longer have all-day-long mind-chatter about food and food choices (is this within plan? do I have enough points/syns?)
✔️You want to change your relationship with food

Join for the following free content…
✔️Monthly live workshops where I share my tools with the group!
✔️Regular posts and content about mindset around food!
✔️Community support from people just like you!
✔️A monthly draw for a free coaching session with me!
✔️And lots more stuff as I dream it up…

Let’s use the space to find that new way, together. It will be amazing so dive in, comment, share, post, interact fully – the more you engage, the more you will get from it!

‘Freedom from the diet cycle’ private group is a place of love and respect for everyone who is ready to free themselves and find a new relationship with themselves and food.

Click the link to join!